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Quilts From The Heart is a nonprofit public benefit organization that brings caring and comfort to children, teens, and adults in our community who are most in need, by providing handmade patchwork quilts to warm the body and soothe the heart and soul. Our members share their love of fabric, quilting and friendship in a "no pressure" atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.


As we enter the summer time, it looks as if we have surpassed the 11,000 mark in number of quilts given away.  Congratulations to all for a fabulous outcome.  Who would have thought just a few years ago, we reached the 5,000 mark, which was a huge landmark.  Thank you to all for all your hard work and dedication to the mission of Quilts from the Heart.

Who We Are

Quilts From The Heart was founded in 1993 in Edmonds, Washington and has grown to a little over 100 generous women and men of all ages. We have now donated OVER 11,000 handmade quilts to small organizations serving "at risk" children, teenagers, and adults primarily in the Puget Sound and Ocean Park areas of western Washington. View samples of the donated quilts on the Quilt Photos page.

Our charter organization is located in the North Seattle area. We also have chapters in Bellevue, Algona-Pacific, Ocean Park and Poulsbo, Washington, though our membership is not exclusive to Washington State. We have several active members in Alaska, Arizona, California, Louisiana, and Oregon.

If you want to join in the awesome group, go to our Membership page.